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Name & Download: Supercard_DSTwo_firmware_v1.09_English.rar
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Fireware updated to v1.09
1. Fixed: sometimes the cart cannot be recognized after resetting on NDSi/N3DS.
2. Changed: use separate boot program for N3DS/NDSi/NDS.
3. Added: reboot and re-upgrade after Upgrade failed.

How to use:
Copy dstwoupdate.dat and EOS v1.11 to the root of microsd card. Insert DSTWO into NDS to upgrade DSTWO, Make sure DO NOT power off until it finished upgrading!
Be careful, old fireware can use new EOS, but cant upgrade to v1.09 fireware with old EOS, only way to upgrade v1.09 fireware is use v1.11 EOS. And remeber English version and Chinese version cart use different fireware, please select the correct one for your cart!