DSOrganize full changelog

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DSOrganize Full Changelog:


* Added multi track support to SID files (finally!).
* Added support for the gbs file format.
* Added confirmations to text editor on save or exit.
* Added /describe to irc.
* Added basic cookie support.
* Tied Y to the stop function on the web browser.
* Changed IRC receive mode to hopefully squash memory error.
* Changed internet enabled applications to allow downloading/processing while the lid is closed.
* Decreased memory footprint to allow larger images to load again.
* Fixed annual dates causing every day to underline in some cases.
* Fixed e^x freezing in some instances.
* Fixed inconsistent save message on scribble screen.
* Fixed IRC bug that appeared while typing with fixed width irc.
* Fixed aac/mp3 streams skipping sometimes.
* Fixed bad font characters in the smallest font.
* Fixed a html rendering crash with css pages.
* Fixed random crash that happened when switching tabs in web browser.
* Fixed garbage display in hbdb if you cancelled the list then pressed left or right.
* Fixed graphical issues with themes loaded.


* PNG files now support proper alpha channel.
* Added server-based auto perform to irc.
* Added missing ascii characters to all fonts, changed some fonts slightly.
* Added SSL support to web browser.
* Fixed side tab icons not showing up when startup screen was irc or web browser.
* Fixed random crash on shutting the lid.
* Fixed inconsistent help messages on configuration.
* Fixed more incorrectly written pages that don't display.
* Fixed deflate raw encoding not working.
* Fixed random scroll down on pages that fit entirely on top page while on favorites.
* Fixed invalid directory configuration message not showing up.
* Fixed orientation messing up when viewing pictures in web browser.
* Fixed some image placeholders overlapping each other before rendering.
* Fixed disappearing cursor on scribble pad.
* Fixed graphics corruption on side tabs with other themes.
* Disabled help from appearing while files are downloading in web browser to stop freezes.
* Updated dswifi to 0.3.4


* Added support for attachment style downloads (usually download.php style).
* Added deflate and gzip encoding support to web browser.
* Added letter view mode to the picture viewer.
* Added optional click noise to keyboards.
* Added many more special character tags like è etc to web browser.
* Changed large font to Arial 13 from Century 16 to be more consistent.
* Fixed download filenames being badly named when longer filenames were downloaded beforehand.
* Fixed "Removing invalid lfn entry" error in FAT after deleting a file.
* Fixed "Invalid file size on entry" error in FAT after creating a new empty file.
* Fixed "Errors in . and/or .. corrected" error in FAT after creating new directory in root.
* Fixed files randomly not being created and "directories after end" error in FAT.
* Fixed seek bar not updating while paused.
* Fixed text boxes getting the generic text color instead of the textbox text color.
* Removed plugin architecture and resources file. Were causing too much trouble with no real benefit.


* Added extra checking to the image parser code to hopefully stop more freezes.
* Added back in ability to create lowercase filenames that are short.
* Added bad file check to gba_nds_fat so corrupt files shouldn't freeze DSO anymore.
* Added ability to download files on web browser.
* Added auto-hide setting to web browser.
* Changed default progress color on web browser to be more visible.
* Changed all audio formats that read on interrupt to read from a buffer.
o OGG, AAC, M4A files play faster now.
o OGG, AAC, M4A, MP3 files more stable.
* Fixed a bug in the downloader code that added garbage extensions to some images, making sites crash.
* Fixed a bug in the mp3 player that detected some stereo songs as mono, decreasing the quality.
* Fixed directory sort order bug.
* Fixed bug where sites using <script src="file" /> notation would not render.
* Fixed a few buffer overflows in web browser which should increase stability.
* Fixed a bug where uppercase hex digits converted to zeros in WEP keys.
* Fixed not being able to clear WEP keys.
* Fixed issue with random freezes while using the touchscreen in the sound player.
* Fixed random seek crashes with aac/ogg/flac/m4a.
* Fixed link issue with some php links.
* Fixed a bug with saving favorites.
* Fixed a bug where the cursor wouldn't auto-scroll when editing text.
* Fixed a disappearing cursor bug with fixed width text editing.
* Fixed a bug with sites that used bad tags like <br/> instead of <br />.
* Fixed a bug that allowed todo's with illegal characters to be created.
* Fixed a crash bug with small png images that run out of memory.
* Fixed several out of memory crashes with web browser in general.


* Added basic signal strength to wifi configuration screen.
* Fixed error messages not being readable on startup.
* Fixed wifi to be slightly faster again.
* Fixed seeking broken on some file formats.
* Fixed SSID not centered properly.
* Fixed 256x192 images not showing the bottom line.


* Added select/cut/copy/paste to all text inputs.
* Added wifi config (including saving back to firmware) with three extra DSOrganize profiles.
* Added ability to bookmark on the web browser by pressing ctrl + b.
* Miscelaneous fixes to the HTML renderer.
* Fixed error in file wrapper causing bad file copies.
* Fixed a weird lingering cursor bug in text editor.
* Fixed startup screen error.
* Fixed an error where images that redirect would change the url of the main page loading.
* Fixed a bug with sites that use 1x1 tracking images.
* Fixed error where confirm delete screen on browser allowed you to select ".." or "."
* Fixed some weird bugs with m3u files.
* Fixed select few files not showing their long file names.
* Fixed everything being underlined on sites with bad <a> tags (ds-x.com, etc)
* Day planner now supports weekly, monthly, and annual events.
* Day planner events are now partially visible on reminder mode.
* Todo now sorts finished events as last.
* Changed handling of escaped characters to include the limited unicode support.
* Changed irc to not display characters under 32 on the ascii map.
* Updated dsWifi again for compatibility.

2.9 NeoFlash

* Added small images rendering!
* Added simple CSS parsing!
* Added colors reset character parsing to irc.
* Added .sndh playback.
* Added 24/32bit wav playback.
* Added ability to put a custom colors.ini inside an iconset directory.
* Added ability to view full-size images if they are linked to (eg. 4chan).
* Added left handed mode!
* Added ability set fixed width font to irc and text editor.
* IRC text no longer gets added to the command backlog if it already appears somewhere in the backlog.
* Changed handling of ul/ol tags to make slashdot render better.
* Changed display method of forms to make elements space out better.
* Changed html parser to check for text colors that are the same as the background for sites that rely on a background image to display text properly.
* Changed streaming audio buffer method to hopefully fix buffer underruns on some streams.
* Changed redirect method to hopefully fix the few nonworking sites.
* Updated dswifi to latest CVS to allow people with 512K firmwares to use DSO online.
* Updated plugin architecture to have better controls drawing functions.
* Fixed issue where favorites would accidentally load if you clicked favorites before it finished authenticating.
* Fixed a parsing error with single quotes in href or src elements.
* Fixed an issue where a carriage return/line feed inside an <a> tag would cause link clicking to fail.
* Fixed a bug in the fat library that caused some directory configurations to hang or not list properly.
* Fixed a few bugs in animated gif files so more animated gifs play properly.
* Fixed random gibberish bug on web browser if you click past the end of the list.
* Fixed ability to click past the end of the list on homebrew database.
* Fixed slight graphic glitch with scrollbar on homebrew database.
* Fixed keyboard repeat not working on IRC or web browser.
* Fixed a playback issue with mp3 streams.
* Fixed a crashbug with certain animated gifs.
* Fixed a display bug with certain text files on the web browser.
* Fixed IRC not sending quit message.
* Fixed having to be named bootme.nds on datel products.
* Fixed out of memory error after clicking a form, exiting, and reentering the web browser.
* Fixed issues pertaining to startup sounds.
* Fixed bug where exiting browser while downloading a page caused the filesystem to freeze until reboot.
* Fixed potential crashbug with downloading some sites.
* Included updated bootloader from Chishm to fix booting on many devices.
* Vastly improved sid playback sound.
* Remade home screen to allow for another shortcut.
* Remade configuration screen to be less confusing and more organized.

2.8 GBAX

* Added referer header tag to the web browser.
* Added plaintext viewing to the web browser.
* Added customizable shortcut keys to web browser.
* Added rudimentary favorites to web browser.
* Added captured urls from irc to web browser.
* Added homepage option to web browser.
* Added colors/bold/underline input to irc.
* Added clickable nick list to channels on irc.
* Added setting to disable autopatching.
* Added startup sound.
* Added sound notify to IRC when you recieve a new PM or your name is said in channel.
* Added highlight when your name is said in channel on IRC.
* Added option to disable writing to card.
* Changed how the playback mode saving works to hopefully fix the freeze.
* Changed the way the html parser looks for body tags to make malformed pages render.
* Changed web browser to swap to text entry mode automatically when clicking entry forms.
* Changed the way urls are handled to allow for much larger pages to display (e.g. wikipedia iran page).
* Fixed lockup issue with downloading homebrew.
* Fixed a stack overflow issue with the web browser.
* Fixed DSO letting you into wifi-capable apps on startup if resource0.bin is missing.
* Fixed crash in web browser when sites have malformed tag properties (babelfish fixed).
* Fixed crash in web browser when sites use more than six digits in a color (babelfish again).
* Fixed bug in web browser where form elements could remain bold/italics/underlined/strikethrough.
* Fixed bug where calculator button colors wouldn't set.
* Fixed a parsing error with homebrew database package files that include spaces or cr/lf in the wrong spot.
* Fixed a parsing error with web sites that use hexadecimal in their character codes.
* Updated dsWifi library for the latest dslite fix.
* Updated the loading bar for web pages.
* Made send buffer larger so forms don't sometimes crash web browser.
* Made DSOrganize auto-clear browser cache on entry and exit of browser.
* Made DSOrganize not turn off the backlight when in recording mode to stop cutting off sound.
* Made DSOrganize save the eight custom colors in scribble between sessions.
* Disabled visited link coloring (slowed down load times and added little benefit).</ul>

2.7 Final

* Added DLDI file loading for chishm launcher.
* Added DLDI autopatching for launched nds files.
* Changed IRC to strip leading and multiple spaces.
* Disabled touch access to disconnect button on IRC.
* Fixed skipping error with select few mp3s and most mp3 streams.
* Fixed browser freeze when pressing R after re-entering browser.

2.7 Beta

* Massive overhaul to the sound system allowing for vastly superior sound:
o Modules are now played at 44100 instead of 22050 frequency.
o Wav files don't stutter anymore on higher bitrates.
o Oversampling for .mpa/mp2 files brought up to 2x.
o Oversampling for .mp3 files brought back to 4x (streams stay at 2x).
o Sped up .m4a/.m4b decoding so higher bitrates play.
o Oversampling for .aac files brought up to 2x (streams stay at 1x).
o Fixed slight skip heard in some .flac audio files.
o .nsf file are now played at 48000 isntead of 40000 frequency.
o Oversampling for .sid/spc/nsf files is now up to 2x.
o Fixed the weird echo issue with .spc files.
* Overhaul to the HBDB system allowing for much better databases:
o Changed the way that the HBDB sorts files, allowing for categories and more card types.
o Changed the way that the HBDB detects the dsorganize or root directories.
o Changed the downloader system to be more robust.
* Added simple web browser!
* Added eq meters to .flac and .m4a/m4b/aac files.
* Added left and right d-pad support to browser and web browser to act as page up and page down.
* Added ability to edit m3u and pls files on the fly in the text editor.
* Added chishm's DLDI loader to DSOrganize. This fixes booting on MMD.
* Added support for cellspacing/cellpadding in tables (mostly makes fark.com readable).
* Changed </tr> tag to add a line break if not already present.
* Changed the way the HTML renderer recognized header and body positions, fixing several pages.
* Changed IRC button mapping to be more consistent with other apps and stop accidental disconnects.
* Changed local HTML file viewer to show title.
* Changed IRC channel windows to display the number of people in the channel.
* Fixed a wrapping error with long HTML files.
* Fixed <p> rules to reflect optional end tag.
* Fixed <a> tags erasing bold property.
* Fixed underline placement for large font.
* Fixed an error in the html render with scripts containing < in them.
* Fixed HTML pages that use & in the text improperly.
* Fixed <a name> tags to not change the style of text.
* Fixed an issue with <a> tags that didn't contain name or href elements.
* Fixed HTML renderer to properly ignore carriage returns.
* Fixed a bug with homebrew downloader percentages.
* Fixed the major issue with corrupting directories. This does not fix the problems with some M3 devices as the driver is defective for them.
* Fixed bug where html tag properties with > in them would prematurely end the html tag.
* Fixed some memory leaks on the home screen.
* Fixed bad command handling on the IRC windows.
* Fixed an error with bookmarks in HTML local files..
* Removed ninjaDS driver as it can be patched in and has long load times.


* Fixed incorrect sprite for calendar error.
* Fixed error in the INI parser for colors that caused black keyboard bug.
* Fixed inverted background color bug on scribble editor.
* Fixed DSOrganize not booting on NeoFlash cards!
* Worked on NSF unresponsive keypad.
* Worked on SPC sound a bit. Some of the echo is due to the library I used, sorry.
* Changed volume control to allow less than 100%.
* Changed browser to remember the last position of the cursor in each directory.
* Started new project of separate compiles per device of exec_stub.bin
o GBAMP specific build: WORKING
o R4/M3 Simply specific build: WORKING
o DLDI generic build: WORKING in some cases


* Sped up text display routines a lot, helping with larger text and html files.
* Vastly improved HTML rendering mechanism, large HTML files don't bog down any more.
* Switched to latest dsWifi from CVS as it no longer freezes on my DS.
* Added <q>, <dt> and <dd> to HTML renderer.
* Added flac support to the sound player.
* Added primitive sid support to the sound player.
* Added nsf support to the sound player.
* Added spc support to the sound player.
* Added ability to check card type in plugins.
* Added ability to move the cursor with the stylus on the configuration and irc pages.
* Added ability to customize colors with colors.ini file.
* Changed the sound player volume maximum to 400%.
* Changed vCard loading to load simple unicode files, though only ascii charset is supported still.
* Changed behavior of HTML renderer when leaving <TD> tags to fix bad HTML coding.
* Changed behavior of default settings creator to direct people to the correct IRC server.
* Fixed issue where keyboard repeats didn't work on the configuration screen.
* Fixed screen swap glitch with text input box on the scribble pad.
* Fixed potential bug with vCard separator, fixed naming issue with vCard separator.
* Fixed slight issue with mp3 playback clicks, but had to take oversampling down to 2x.
* Fixed memory leak in plugin loading.
* Fixed <pre> tag not changing to fixed width.
* Fixed bug in HTML syntax highlighting with more than one tag property that wasn't quoted.
* Fixed language being wrong issue when there is no config.ini file.
* Fixed issue where L and R GUI widgets were not clickable on picture viewer.
* Fixed a wordwrapping bug that popped up on the IRC window affecting scrolling.
* Fixed text color inconsistency on configuration page 3.
* Fixed issue with help screens and absolutely no help pages available.


* Worked on making DSOrganize take up less memory on its own for more plugin memory.
* Switched to more dynamic approach for plugins. Things should work better now.
* Changed home screen to display current and next two day planner events instead of past ones.
* Changed plugin vblank handling to give dedicated vblank access to plugins/exes when run.
* Changed some code on the arm9 recieve fifo queue, hopefully fixing the random sound/keyboard freeze.
* Changed arm7 upsampling code to sound better for amplified mp3's.
* Changed calculator memory usage to allow for larger numbers.
* Added in newest ogg vorbis memory leak fix.
* Added echo, cls, wait commands to homebrew database script.
* Added ability to swap buffers on only the top or bottom screen in plugins.
* Added ability for plugins to query which screen DSO is on (for those that hook to the draw function).
* Added simple battery saver function and debug write to disc function to plugin API.
* Added repeat to all keys in the keyboard and fixed a glitch where char 255 couldn't be typed.
* Added .dss shortcut type. Shortcuts can point to any file or directory except for another shortcut.
* Added access to the PSG on the arm9 for plugins.
* Added the missing commands for dswifi to the plugin API.
* Fixed erasor glitch in scribble.
* Fixed weird wrapping glitches introduced after the text fix.
* Fixed glitch in syntax highlighting for html files introduced after text fix.
* Fixed glitch where if resource0.bin is missing, DSO does not jump to your preferred start page.
* Fixed error with ID3 tags containing a carriage return/line feed.
* Fixed crash on loading iconsets from directories longer than 29 characters.
* Fixed two irc crash bugs relating to bad server replies (ie on irc.enterthegame.com).
* Removed mikmod loaders for all types but xm, it, s3m, mod due to low popularity.


* Increased state field on address displays to be 3 long instead of 2.
* Changed boot function code, hopefully making the arm7 a bit more stable.
* Updaded dldi driver to newest version, should fix problems with some .ds.gba and .sc.nds files.
* Fixed work address display issue with vCards.
* Fixed address crash/corruption on second entry to address screen.
* Fixed crash on sample language bug.
* Fixed sqrt button not working in calculator.
* Fixed scrollbar in text reader not showing highlighted status.
* Fixed massive slowdown with some text files in browser.
* Fixed bug with mono mp3s and skipping.
* Added icon and description to plugin files in the browser.
* Added DSO executable type for standalone apps.
* Added raw stream API to plugins and executables.*
* Added more commands to help text in IRC.


* Changed driver structure to allow better supercard support, built in m3cf support.
* Changed version string to properly reflect the version.
* Fixed issue with loading IRC configuration.
* Fixed issue with some langauges and random freezes/browser errors.
* Added check for resource0.bin and added warning message if it's not found.


* Fixed the infamous crash bug in IRC when someone parted with a message. (This one was hard to find!)
* Fixed some translation issues with the Configuration page.
* Fixed bug in .sd.nds and .ds.gba booting.
* Fixed text wrapping errors on rename file and address book screens.
* Fixed help text stuck on screen in sound player after viewing help.
* Fixed another parsing error with vcards.
* Fixed clipping issue with spray bottle tool in scribble pad.
* Fixed issues with displaying some error messages in irc.
* Fixed inconsistency with nds launcher and cards not supported by built-in loader.
* Fixed issue with gautami font and some upper ascii characters being mapped wrong.
* Fixed a minor streaming buffer bug that seems to help with stability.
* Fixed pausing streams caused streaming to crash.
* Added dynamic loading of code for DSO specific plugins.
* Added customizable iconsets.
* Added .aac playback.
* Added m4a/m4b file playback. The DS is too slow for higher bitrate m4a files but lower bitrates should work.
* Added irc.ini file where users can customize DSO IRC.
* Added descriptions to most of the settings in the configuration.
* Added in fallback so foreign languages without help translations will still display english help.
* Added ability to choose specific streams within a .pls file.
* Added several commands (topic, mode, invite, kick, motd, version, ping, time, ctcp, whowas) to irc.
* Added new dldi interface to allow patching to new/unsupported cards.
* Added ogg vorbis streaming support in shoutcast and icecast servers.
* Added aac streaming support in shoutcast and icecast servers.
* Added an easter egg. See if you can find it!
* Added setting so DSOrganize remembers the last playback mode.
* Added legend to todo screen in help.
* Added m3u playlist support.
* Added symbols for copyright, registered, trademark, euro, pound, and yen to the character set.
* Changed random mode in playback to act more like shuffle.
* Changed picture loading screen to just moving bar, as progress was terribly inaccurate.
* Changed hilighting style on menus.
* Changed streaming detection to properly support iceCast streams.
* Changed buffer behavior on streams to buffer to 200% and more vigorously, for longer stream times.
* Changed .pls file parser to allow regular file playlists.
* Changed browser pull-up menu support to be easier to get to.
* Initialized volume to stop the 500% error when booting from moonshell.
* Re-ported tremor and mad for much better audio playback.
* Updated dswifi library to latest as usual.
* Stopped scrollbar from appearing on very short html files.
* Looked at microphone code, no real way to make the quality better due to speed of writing.
* Redid home screen splash to instead be an overview of the day.
* Made it so the browser doesn't sequentially or randomly play playlist files in sound mode, and changed the playlist icon.
* Rewrote a lot of the HTML renderer. It renders slower now, but will load much much longer pages.
o Fixed weird wordwrap issue with multiple font sizes
o Fixed a bug with style tags at the very end of an html file
o Fixed a bug where opening a page with different colored links left all pages displaying that link color.
o Added bullets and numbered lists
o Stopped extra whitespaces from appearing
o Changed formatting for <div> and <p> tags
o Added <hr>, <big>, <tt>, <code>, <strike>, <h6>, <frameset> with <noframes>, <sub>, <sup>, <em> <strong>, <cite>, <dfn>, <var>, <samp>, <kbd>
o Ignores <script> and <style> tag contents instead of rendering as text


* Fixed bug where A/B didn't swap on sound player.
* Added volume multiplier to sound player.
* Added extra characters for spanish users.
* Fixed bug with ? always being highlighted when old language files were used.
* Made all screens with scrolling lists wider, to use up the unused border space and changed the look and feel a bit.
* Changed text/html viewer scrollbar to reflect being held like other scrollbars.
* Changed HBDB to stay in / if the default homebrew path isn't found.
* Fixed a bug where scribble saves were getting corrupted from an old home screen.
* Made /connect an alias to /server.
* Made IRC ignore commands it doesn't know.
* Made left and right buttons jump to previous/next day planner events like the bookmark system.
* Added pull-up menu to browser. Drag your stylus from one of the buttons upwards to activate.
* Fixed bug with L/R highlighting in IRC.
* Fixed some inconsitencies in the help files.


* Fix for crash when nick is too long for server and you are autoconnecting.
* Made DSOrganize IRC auto-pull nick from firmware if none is given.
* Added alternate nick setting to DSO IRC.
* Disabled the ability to type spaces in nickname entries on configuration.
* Added check for bad server connections.
* Changed scroll buffer on each page to only hold the last 100 lines.
* Fixed ping command to not send until at least you are connected properly.
* Made DSO check for valid path entry of HBDB download directory.
* Fixed homebrew database to download into the dsorganize directory properly if it is /data/dsorganize/.
* Added check for renaming to no file name to be more idiot-proof.
* Took out MK2/MK3 and NinjaSD drivers for Green and Blue release to speed boot times (whiners).
* Fixed the long hang time on hiding and unhiding files.
* Added new supercard drivers to Blue release to hopefully fix scLite.
* Reorganized configuration a little and added a few more options.
* Added in option to change the default homebrew boot method.
* Added in option to automatically insert bullets on the todo screen.
* Added in option to swap the A and B button on all screens.
* Fixed sluggishness on calculator buttons.
* Fixed streams to use proxy if needed.
* Made IRC advertise the /help command when starting up.
* Changed L and R buttons on IRC to highlight the appropriate color if an offscreen window gets a message.
* Added typed backbuffer on IRC. Hold Y and use the up or down buttons to scroll up to five lines back.
* Added page-up and page-down to irc. Hold X and use the up and down buttons to scroll the view.
* Changed /data/ directory detection method to only work if /DSOrganize/ directory is present inside.
* Changed browser interface so that if there are multiple options for a file, A always views and Y always edits.
* Added .hbdb and .pkg as editable file types.
* Fixed some rendering errors in the simple html renderer.
* Fixed weird error in syntax hilighting.
* Fixed syntax hilighting logic for comments and html editor.
* Fixed a bug where you were allowed to rename or delete the . and .. entries, thus destroying the file structure.
* Fixed underlining error with links at the end of html files.
* Added /away to IRC.
* Added a failsafe in the FAT_rename code, hopefully this fixes dropped entries.

2.2 Final

* Fixed a few more screen inconsistencies with the keyboard.
* Fixed launch alternate in browser being labeled as record.
* Fixed pageup/pagedown not working via touchscreen on text editor.
* Fixed the freeze bug and graphic corruption in the text editor with page up and down.
* Fixed a bug with the default download directory in the homebrew database.
* Updated fat library to reflect newest fixes by chishm.
o Supports slower SD cards that wouldn't init before.
o Supports Max Media CF (unverified) and Ninja SD (tested working)
* Touchscreen and keys are now responsive again in the audio playback modes.
* Added in touch code for next/previous functions on audio playback screen.
* Renaming is now instant and allows you to change capitalization, and works on directories.
* Delete works on directories, and will recursively delete if the directory is not empty.
* Added mkdir command to browser.
* Added cut/paste command for people who want to move instead of copy.
* Worked on sound code some more, it isn't going to be possible to add volume in, my code is apparently too slow.
* Added primitive support for ogg vorbis info.
* Added some settings to the configuration page.
* Changed a couple icons in the program.
* Added second click option to Address, Todo, Scribble, and Homebrew Database screens.
* Fixed a bug where the last icon on the second page of the home screen didn't have a caption in other languages.
* Fixed the sorting bug with DD/MM/YY display under Homebrew Database.
* Added sanity checks to all commands in IRC.
* Fixed a join bug with bad server replies in IRC.
* Added TIME and PING CTCP replies in IRC.
* Added missing KICK command to parser.
* Added autoperform to IRC. Put any commands you want to perform on connect in autoperform.txt in the DSOrganize root data directory. Sparate each command on a different line.
* Fixed color scheme for server versus client error messages.
* Fixed a bug in changing nicks that could cause DSO IRC to crash.
* Updated wifi lib again.
* Fixed crash from pressing Y on browser with an NDS highlighted when running from non GBAMP/SC.
* Added ninjaSD as a possible card type on the homebrew database.
* Added custom HBDB package files to browser. Simply place the script for your custom download into a text file and save as a ".pkg"
* Added custom HBDB connect url files to browser. Place the base url into a text file and save as a ".hbdb" Note that custom HBDB databases do not recieve the card that DSOrganize runs on.
* Fixed calculator freeze bug with e^x and other things. This was due to the m_apm library not having a return function to tell how long the string would be, so I had to modify it myself.
* Fixed a calculator bug when pressing two binary operators after another performed the first instead of changing to the second.
* Changed equals key to repeat the last binary operation, like a real calculator.

2.2 Preview 2

* Fixed the random crash bug when pressing enter in IRC.
* Made it so the /cls and /help commands can be typed anytime into any window on irc.
* Fixed the swap button not being touchable under the text editor.
* Compressed and edited some more graphics for a smaller file size.
* Added a help file for IRC.
* Made enter key function the same as the A key on the keyboard in new file/rename file for better integration.
* Fixed a typo in the help files.
* Deleted references to handwriting recognition in help files.
* Fixed display of png files with alpha channels.
* Changed the default loading routine for nds files to mighty max's new loader. DSOrganize should now load most .nds, .sd.nds, and .ds.gba files on any card type supported.
o DSLinux booting is now supported on GBAMP again!
o Press Y to alternate load with the old loader.
* Changed configuration to include IRC as a default screen.
* Added 0 to MEDS keyboard.
* Fixed screen inconsistencies that happened sometimes while typing.
* Added /raw and /quote messages to IRC.
* Fixed an error with underlining all 31'st of the month if any of them had a Day Event on them.
* Fixed a bug where the day planner wouldn't load the current day event when loaded.
* Fixed a bug where calendar events on the 31'st were not hilighted.
* Fixed a bug where calendar events weren't properly refreshed when loaded.
* Made sound louder on recorder, switched to 22050 hz instead of 11025.
* Added [x] as a delete key under Todo and Address screens.
* Added check so vCards and Todo filenames can no longer have invalid characters such as ? in them.
* DSOrganize now automatically separates multiple vCard entries into separate files.
* Made DSOrganize check for all proper subdirectories to ensure unzipping to card went fine.
* Made DSOrganize touch keyboard a wee bit more accurate.
* Changed DSOrganize directory structure to support a unified /data/ directory on card. If DSOrganize detects the /data/ directory on your card, it will automatically assume it should be placing it's DSOrganize directory inside it, if not, it continues the way it did before.

2.2 Preview 1

* Fixed a weird bug in html syntax hilighting.
* Realigned all text that was above keyboards to make it look better.
* Possible support of the EZ4SD series. Please give feedback.
* Started IRC client. Configuration for now is located only in the ini file.
* Further worked on keyboard accuracy/speed, it is very nice now.
* Fixed L/R bug in browser confirm delete.


* Fixed wav playback bug!
* Fixed crash bug relating to extremely long file extensions (thanks BackBon3)
* Fixed issue with saving bookmarks.
* Fixed some issues with shoutcast playlists and streams.
* Fixed a weird issue with renaming.
* Changed vCard parsing, should be far more compatible with vCard files now, especially vCard 3.0.
* Changed calendar/day planner written dates to reflect DD/MM/YYYY setting
* Changed bookmarks to auto delete oldest one when you add more than the maximum.
* Added default homebrew save path. Edit the ini file for this option.
* Added .cfg as a text type.
* Added sort by date option on the homebrew database.
* Added messagease keyboard style.
* Added support for 8bit wav playback.
* Added simple proxy support. See the ini for details.
* Added support for loading many more tracker formats, and mp2.
* Added wav file recorder for voice memos.
* Recoded keyboard from scratch, making it bigger, and fixing the shift bug.
* Took out crappy handwriting recognition.
* Improved keyboard speed by a bit, hopefully making typing easier.


* Added new fields to homebrew database: date, version, size of package.
* Reverted from eabi back to r17 due to regresses:
o Fixed .xm crash regress.
o Fixed supercard boot failure crash.
o Possibly fixed crash relating to ani gif files.
* Improved key responsiveness on module player.
* Fixed issue with shoutcast url's with no trailing / not loading properly.
* Changed fat lib to rein r15 modified. Hopefully this works with M3 SD.
* Fixed transparency issue with NDS file icons (Thanks LiraNuna).
* Fixed issue with nds icon for dsorganize having bad transparency.
* Changed file code to allow icons/descriptions for .sd.nds and .ds.gba files.
* Fixed cursor bug in text editor with page down and files less than 11 lines long.
* Homescreen highlights last app used when exiting back to it.
* Fixed a bug relating to pressing y while hilighting a .ini file in browser.
* Allowed homescreen customization, edit in the .ini for now.
* Fixed minor bug with copying file then creating a new file without pasting.
* Changed the way alternate browser modes function.
* Added click to edit on calendar and day planner.
* Fixed a weird bug with homebrew database scrolling.
* Added setting for DD/MM/YY display.
* Added setting to enable or disable second tap action.
* Added setting to change the html renderer for better compatiblity.
* Upgraded to latest tcplib, hopefully this fixes more issues.


* Browser automatically renames associated .bmf files when you rename txt/html files.
* Audio player now has random history, so you can go back in random mode.
* Fix to @ in arial 9 to not be cut off on the bottom.
* Made some changes to the HTML renderer.
* Fixed ID3v1 text to be translatable.
* Fixed issues with "Toggle Hidden" text in browser and sound player.
* Started adding shoutcast streaming support.
* Changed mp3 multiplicity from 2 to 4, hopefully making it sound even better.
* Finished homebrew database version 1.
* Fixed scribble bug where screens became reversed after shuttin the top.
* Found and fixed a memory leak pertaining to keyboard inputs.
* Found and fixed a few other small memory leaks.
* Worked on GBAMP/SC booting a bit, hopefully it works a tad better.

1.9 Final

* Changed INI keynames to bold black, items to blue, like html syntax hilighting.
* Made browser take off .sc for .sc.nds files on top screen.
* Fixed text overflowing bug in browser display top screen.
* Fixed text overflow bug and shortening bug in todo, address and scribble applications.
* Fixed edit calendar date bug.
* Fixed the crashes when turning the screen off or on.
* Fixed graphics corruption when lid was down and songs changed.
* Fixed cursor glitch on all text input fields with only one line where cursor dropped down.
* Changed new/rename file screen to be three lines instead of one, for long files.
* Fixed memory bug in calculator.
* Fixed keys being rather nonresponsive under mp3/ogg playback.
* Added confirm delete option to scribble pad, todo, and addressbook.
* Added text/html viewer, with up to 10 bookmarks per file.
* Fixed potential cursor disappearing bug on the browser screen.
* Fixed html viewer so if HTML tag is not found, that it still allows for rendering.

1.9 Preview 2

* Changed color on INI/LNG syntax hilighting.
* Added htm/html as an editable type, complete with syntax hilighting.
* Rudimentary homebrew database, not very reliable due to early version of tcp, and not finished yet.
* Enabled 'sleep' mode when lid is closed for power saving.
* Touch area is bigger now for L/R/Start on screen.
* Possibly fixed the issue with browser crashing.
* Fixed random feature in music playback to never choose the same song twice.
* Added ogg playback.
* Added Id31.1 to mp3 playback.
* Added double click mode in browser.
* Added code from moonshell to boot sccf/scsd, this might or might not work.
* Changed sound code to anti-alias sound, the method moonshell uses to make sound cleaner.

1.9 Preview

* Added sanity check to filenames.
* Fixed slight cursor issue with todo screen.
* Fixed delete button not working on todo screen.
* Fixed inconsistencies in file creation/saving on todo/scribble screens. Hopefully this fixes the SC SD errors for some.
* Added wav playback to browser.
* Added mod/s3m/xm/it playback to browser.
* Added mp3 playback to browser.
* Added slideshow controls to picture viewer.
* Changed picture viewer to detect images too small to view.
* Disabled write command on M3SD to stop corruption.


* Reorganized calculator, added more commands, colored buttons.
* Fixed bug with creating vCard files when no files are present.
* Added a simple todo list app.
* Added scribble pad with saving to bmp or png.
* Fixed annoying bug where L button got random preses when using touchscreen.
* Changed vCard detection to allow 3.0 cards.
* Fixed typo in language files that caused browser formats not to be translated. Thanks Tostadilla.


* Added JPEG viewer, supports Grayscale and H1V1, H1V2, H2V1, or H2V2 color compressions.
* Added PNG viewer, supports all PNG files that can fit in memory.
* Added BMP viewer, supports 2, 4, or 256 color, 16bit and 24bit files.
* Added raw .bin viewer, supports 16bit color and 8bit color pallated 256x256 and 256x192 images.
* Added syntax hilighting for .lng and .ini files in the text editor.
* Potentially fixed shuddering bug in browser for some people.
* Added GIF/Animated GIF viewer, supports all gifs that are small enough to be decompressed to memory. (falls back on streaming rendering of gifs, which can be rather slow).
* Added HTML help for each page in DSOrganize. Hold select to view help on any page.
* Added about page. Press start on the home screen to view credits.
* Fixed memory function on calculator to preserve accuracy.
* Fixed a text overflow error on the rename screen.
* Added home/end buttons to text editor.
* Added hide/unhide button to file browser.
* Fixed bug in browser where choosing the ".." directory option broke directory browsing.

NeoFlash Special Edition

* Changed the directory structure to have subdirectories as requested.
* Added more file icons.
* Internal files now launch to their respecive subprograms.
* Added text editor.
* Fixed crash bugs pertaining to calculator.
* Redid internal memory structure for file and vCard lists to be unlimited.
* Fixed issue with First and Last name setting overflowing sometimes.
* Working message on calculator when running long operations.
* Fixed bottom part of keyboard sometimes not responding.
* Changed browser handling of empty directories to be far more stable.
* Limiting implemented on calendar and day view screens to keep text onscreen.


* Fixed issue where cursor would disappear after last character on addressbook.
* Fixed issue with length of some fields being one less than needed.


* Fix for small fonts not showing umlats, etc.
* Fix for some things not being clickable with stylus in alternate languages.


* Added a calculator!
* Added option to hide hidden/system files on browser.
* Hidden/system files now show up as greyed when visible.
* Several new fields to be translated.


* Added checking to fix freeze on .nds files run through boot managers like M3.
* Added 'Rename' field to language parser. Sorry guys, slipped through the cracks.


* Added file browser/nds launcher (NDS launcher for GBAMP only).
* Fixed issue with slow repeat times in lists.
* Added touch ability to select vcard/dayplanner/browser lists.
* Fixed cursor disappearing bug when cancelling a created vCard.
* Changed Day Planner to show current day on top screen, and added next/previous day buttons.
* Fixed last wordwrap bug!
* Seem to have fixed the data corruption bug in the Address viewer.
* Many new translateable fields in this release!
* Fixed uppercase chars being assigned to lowercase in translated files.


* Added new translatable field "Unknown"
* Redesigned text display library to handle foreign characters without crashing.
* Added captions to homescreen buttons when not in english mode.
* Fixed bug where pressing back in config mode did not always go back home.
* Fixed a bug where calendar view didn't update Day Planner underlines properly.
* Fixed issue with slow calendar load times (I think).
* Added customizable keyboard layout to languages files, as well as special keyboard mode.
* Added visual feedback when typing on the keyboard.
* Fixed Prev Field/Next Field under Configuration not responding to touch.
* Fixed calendar dates spilling over onto buttons at the bottom.


* Fixed a bug with Edit DayView displaying wrong edit times.
* Fixed the bug where DayView randomly lost entries (again).
* Added 12/24 hour time and first/last name swap options.
* Fixed special characters on the address display font.
* Fixed cursor jumping back to current time when you cancel an edit on DayView and Address View.


* Added configuration screen (currently nonfunctional).
* Settings are now saved to a .ini file.


* Archive of this release lost! If you have the information for this release, please edit it in!


* Added support for rudimentary handwriting recognition.


* Added experimental SC SD drivers.


* Added addressbook reader

Initial Release

* Calendar and Day Planner support