M3 Firmware guide - What files to use and how to update

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M3 Adapter firmware filename and updating guide:

The filename for the M3 firmware is made up of several parts indicating the type, language and version.

The structure is this:

1. XXXX is the card type - SD,miniSD or MicroSD ('updagcsd') or CF ('updategc').
2. Y is the language code - See below for descriptions. NOTE: You can only use the language corresponding with your M3
hardware, that is, a Japanese M3 will only take Japanese firmware. The exception to this is that all the European
languages will work on English M3s.
Here are all of the language codes:
e -- English
b -- Chinese Big5
c -- Chinese GB
j -- Japanese
k -- Korean
t -- Thai
European language codes (for English M3s):
f -- French
g -- German
i -- Italian
n -- Dutch
p -- Portugese
s -- Spanish

3. ZZ is the version number - this will always be a 2 digit base version number (so, for example, version 10, 10a and 10b will all simply be 10)

Some examples:
Assume the latest firmware version out is version 20a:
If you have an English M3 Lite, you want updagcsd.e20
If you have a Traditional Chinese M3 CF, you want updategc.j20
If you want an M3 Perfect SD in Italian, you need an English M3SD, and the firmware file updagcsd.i20

To update the firmware:

Once you have the correct firmware version, place the file in the root (right at the top, not in any folders) on your memory card.
Then put it in your DS and turn it on. The M3 should find the update file and prompt you to update.
Press Start to initiate the updating process. When it says the update has completed, turn off the ds and delete the firmware file from the memory card.

And that's it! Remember to get the latest Game Manager too.